md8-115 Chapter System Login

Sigma Chi Chapter System Login (auxsig2)
Welcome to the Sigma Chi Chapter System:  The “Chapter System” is a new system for Chapter forms, financial management and contact management.”  The Chapter System has replaced the online forms system at

If you are a Grand Praetor, Assistant Grand Praetor, Consul, Pro Consul, Magister, Quaestor, Tribune, Alumni Chapter President, Chapter Advisor or Cornerstone Mentor, clicking on the ligin button will get you into the system provided that your officer report was submitted to headquarters.  Use the "Comments or Requests" button to the left to provide feedback. For pledge and colony access, see your Magister about using the Pledge Education System to log in.

NEW for 2017:  Magisters are now asked  to Confirm Initiation using New Member Forms after initiation.  This is required to receive
 Initiation Certificates.  This will also eleminate pledges marked as Brothers when they are not initiated.
The procedure is like submitting forms.

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Online training sessions are each Wednesday at 10:00 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time. Watch for details in the main calendar at the top right of Class size is limited to 15.  Please e-mail to request a slot in an upcoming online class.  RSVP Only.